Selected Articles

Global Rules and Private Actors – Towards a New Role of the TNC in Global Governance.
von Andreas Scherer, Guido Palazzo & Dorothée Baumann
published in: Business Ethics Quarterly, 16 (4): 505-532, 2006

The Ethical Backlash of Corporate Branding.
Guido Palazzo & Kunal Basu
forthcoming in: Journal of Business Ethics

Organizational Integrity. Understanding the dimensions of ethical and unethical behavior in corporations.
von Guido Palazzo
forthcoming in: Markus Holzinger and Klaus Richter (eds.), Corporate Ethics and Corporate Governance. Lit Verlag

Postnational Constellations of Innovativeness: A Cosmopolitan Approach,
by Guido Palazzo
published in: Technology Analysis and Strategic Management,
Vol. 17 (1/2005), pp 55-72.

CSR Business as Usual? The Case of the Tobacco Industry,
by Guido Palazzo und Ulf Richter
published in: Journal of Business Ethics, 2005

An Inductive Typology of Corporate Social Responsibility,
by Kunal Basu und Guido Palazzo
published in: Academy of Management Conference Best Paper Proceedings 2005.

US-American and German Business Ethics: An Intercultural Comparison,
by Bettina Palazzo
published in: Journal of Business Ethics. 41: pp 195-216, 2002.

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